Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Home Snippets, #2

I recently added a few new bits to my home, so I thought a new home snippets update was due! I went to IKEA and bought quite a lot of things I've had my eye on for ages, as well as finding this beautiful mid century style chair from a charity shop last week. I've had a little switch around of my living room thanks to it, and I absolutely love how it all looks - Theo clearly does too! He's barely moved from the chair, I've named it 'Theo's Throne'.

The chair cost me £17 from a charity shop, so such a bargain! I bought one of the Brakig cushion covers from IKEA which gives a really pretty pop of colour to it, as well as of their throws. I got the 1950s stool a while ago from a vintage and antiques centre, and I'm going a bit plant crazy at the moment - the peace lily I bought a while ago is going strong, and I picked up a few succulents from IKEA as well as a couple little planters that I just love the design of.

Yep, even more plants! Kane didn't really have his eye on anything from IKEA but he's wanted a bonsai tree for ages so we picked one up and it looks really nice on the mantelpiece. On the other side is a couple of new cacti we've planted up together.

I've really fallen in love with the Brakig range from IKEA but I didn't want to go too overboard. I couldn't resist buying a couple of the little bowls from them, which come in a 2 pack for £8. As you might be able to tell from the photographs I'd just eaten some peaches and strawberries from them before taking it!

And yep, even more cacti! We got three of the little ones which come in a multi-pack and planted them in a Meakin tureen I found in a charity shop when we went to Hebden Bridge. The soil didn't look the greatest so we topped it off with some stones from our garden, although I think I might buy some bright coloured stones for it.

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