Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Summer Hair Sorted

I did something I might live to regret last week; I spent all my Boots Advantage points. All those points I had been saving so I could treat myself to something expensive and technically, it'd be free, gone. It's been a bit of a tight month money-wise, but silly ol' me still found myself wandering into Boots and obviously being drawn in by various different things, the 3 for 2 on all Charles Worthington being one of them, and the Volume & Bounce Spray actually being in stock for once being the second.

I'll start off with that one, the Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray. If you're a regular reader of beauty blogs it'll have been hard to miss this one, claimed to be a fantastic dupe for the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. I'm not really one for textured hair, but I've still had my eye on this and it definitely lives up to the claims. With just a couple sprays it creates some serious volume as well as holding a style really well and acting as a bit of a dry shampoo too. I hate styling my hair throughout summer so I know I'll be keeping a bottle of this close by at all times.

I hadn't really heard of the Style Setter Salt Spray before, but it really intrigued me and I'd been thinking of trying out a salt spray for a while. This comes in a handy little spray bottle and claims to give a tousled waved style with lots of volume and hold simply by spraying and blow drying. I haven't had the chance to give this a go yet, but if I like it I'll definitely report back. I also picked up the Style Setter Long Lasting Max Hold Hairspray, which also has a bit of humidity resistance popped in which is a must have for the summer months for me too, the words 'Monica from Friends' come to mind. ("It's the humiiidiiittttyyy!)

Have you tried any of these from Charles Worthington?

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