Thursday, 15 May 2014

Rimmel Pink Rose Lasting Finish Mono Blush

I'm a big fan of Rimmel, but I surprised myself recently that I own none of their blushers! Blushers are actually something I don't have a huge amount of but I'm really getting into recently. Putting 2 and 2 together clearly meant I had to buy one in Boots latest 3 for 2 offers, so I picked up their Pink Rose shade from the Lasting Finish Mono Blush range

I picked up the shade 'Pink Rose' which I thought was possibly the one most suited to my skintone. Sadly the range is quite small so there aren't a great deal to pick from anyway, but I'm really happy with my choice. It's a beautiful peachy pink that gives me a lovely flushed look. It doesn't seem overly shimmery but has a little bit of a sheen. It comes in fairly basic packaging, but you can't expect much for a £3.99 blusher.

Actually my expectations have been raised by this! It's really nicely pigmented, and blends nicely onto the cheeks. It also has pretty decent lasting power; nothing comparable to my favourite NARS blushes, but at a fraction of the price they are really impressive. If you're looking for a drugstore blush for a pretty natural everyday look, I'd definitely recommend this one!

Have you tried any of the Rimmel blushes?

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  1. Santa Rose is AMAZING too; it's such a shame about the packaging but it's one of my favourite blushes ever.

  2. I never really go for any Rimmel powders, this looks beautiful though, and for £3.99? Sold! x

    Amy / srslylou

  3. Laura Pearson-Smith13:19

    I haven't touched a Rimmel blusher in over a decade. Will need to revisit!
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  4. I've never tried a Rimmel blusher, I think the packaging for them is so unappealing but I've heard quite a few people say how nice they are!

  5. Charlotte Price14:41

    Suprisingly enough, I haven't. I love blushers but I don't happen to own any from Rimmel. Must get my hands on this one as it such a perfect, pretty pink that looks so natural and gorgeous! Lovely post!xxxx

  6. This is pretty. I've never tried the Rimmel blushes before but I like that this is peachy and not too pink. Great colour for you! :) xx

    Katy |

  7. Thrift Thick18:02

    Rimmel blushes really are fantastic, especially for the price. If only they made more colors!! This looks gorgeous on you though Catherine; great choice :)


  8. I used to have this! I think I must have lost it on a night out but it's such a gorgeous shade, looks so pretty on you :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  9. I can't believe I haven't tried them before, definitely going to pick another one up :) xo

  10. Thanks! It's a lovely peachy pink mix :) xo

  11. The packaging isn't great but I'm willing to overlook it as it's such a lovely product! xo

  12. It must have been you who put them in my head! I'll look out for that one next. xo

  13. Do I sense the beginnings of a blush-fiend-to-be? ;) (It always starts off so innocently, when one has a relatively modest collection.) I have one of these in Santa Rose. It's okay but I definitely prefer my NARS blushes, not just for the much superior lasting power :)


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