Monday, 5 May 2014

I'm So Glad I Found You

Herbal Essences Moisture Balance Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I always used to be such a big fan of Herbal Essences, and throughout my teenage years, along with V05, I used little else on my hair. That was until the rebrand, and along came odd shaped bottles with what seemed to be new or reformulated products that just didn't have the same effect. So, when I heard a few months ago that a couple of old favourites were being released I couldn't hide my excitement. Excitement that quickly turned into frustration after I discovered everywhere in my town was sold out, until recently when I finally found them!

After finding them I went for the Moisture Balance Shampoo and Conditioner as they're really the sort of things I look for in haircare. They have chamomile, passion fruit and aloe vera extracts resulting in the most heavenly scent you could imagine, even with perfume on everyone is commenting on how good my hair smells. The formula has been updated slightly from back in the day, now being without any silicone.

From my first use, I fell back in love with these so quickly. A little goes such a long way, and my hair has been looking amazing since buying. Soft, silky and manageable, which seems hard to come by since growing my hair long, but comes so effortlessly after using these. I've been having some troubles with oil production recently as my hair seems to go greasy so quickly, but the conditioner from the range leaves my hair feeling nourished without weighing it down or feeling too heavy. For budget haircare these really are some of the best on the market, and I think I need to get back into Morrisons and stock up before they disappear again!

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