Friday, 23 May 2014

Dealing With Leftover Breakout Scarring

For the majority of the month my skin is well behaved. Until, I have a big hormonal breakout, and then for the rest of my days I'm battling with the scarring left behind. I've got a bit of a routine on the go to reduce redness and dark spots as much as possible which really help, along with some tips that could help you too..

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate:
The products that make the biggest difference in reducing scarring for me are exfoliators, every time. Be sure to avoid this until the breakouts have mostly disappeared, otherwise you run the risk of irritating the area and causing more blemishes. My go-to product is La Roche Posay Biomedic serum which I've mentioned quite a few times on here; application is so handy with a little pipette, and after applying 2-3 times a week my scarring is calmed and reduced. I also use the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 which is a bit gentler, but can be used 2 times a day for the same result.

Don't forget the scrubs:
Chemical exfoliation is popular in the beauty blogging world, but I think sometimes a good ol' scrub cleanser can be forgotten about. I use the Vichy Normaderm one which has a lovely gel consistency and foams up the tiniest amount, but doesn't strip the skin. It just leaves my face feeling fresh and looking brighter.

Serums and Oils do all the work:
I've heard on some blogs recently that too many treatments break them out, but for the me it's the exact opposite. With any breakout and including the scarring left over, I use a few treatments on rotation. REN Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum is one of my favourite serums, which really soothes any angry blemishes. I follow this with a few drops of an oil, my go-to at the moment being the Antipodes Divine Oil. Whether it's during or after a breakout oils really help with healing blemishes and scarring, and leave my skin looking refreshed and brightened the morning after. Of course it's all relative, but serums and oils work wonders on my skin.

Watch what you eat:
If you do have hormonal breakouts, usually diet can be a factor of just how aggressive they are. Cutting back on sugar, dairy and caffeine could help you out. Hormones are found in dairy and animal foods, so could be contributing if you suffer from hormonal breakouts like me. It goes without saying too you should be drinking water like it's going out of fashion to help flush out all the toxins.

This is relative for during breakouts and after, but stress can be a big factor in both of those things. Getting a good nights sleep, trying to relax and treating yourself to a nice pamper can also make a big difference to the condition of your skin.

How do you cope with breakouts and leftover scarring?

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