Sunday, 18 May 2014

A New Acrylic Set Up

I've never really been such a fan of acrylic make-up storage, I thought it was a bit too modern and simple for my liking, plus with such a large dressing table and 7 drawers, it seemed a bit un-necessary. That was, until I bought one of the lipstick holders on Ebay and I realised just how handy it was having a selection out to choose from every morning. And eventually I got a little drawer set for some of my other products, instead of just using what was in my make-up bag every day which got me into a bit of a rut.

The drawers sadly aren't the biggest, but just good enough to pop in some of my favourite blushes, concealers, mascaras and other little daily essentials. I pop in my favourite products of the moment, and all my spring and summer bits have been coming out which have really brightened up my little corner. I got the little 50s plant pot a month or so ago and had originally planned on using it for a cactus, but my brushes look great stored in there and it's a good size too. Everything looks so much tidier since adding some acrylic to my set up, and of course who doesn't want to be able to gaze over at all the beautiful make-up on display.

Are you a fan of acrylic storage?

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  1. Jemma11:02

    I adore looking at makeup storage posts.

    Yours is so organised I love it though it's making me feel guilty about how messy mine is

    | Dreams Of New York | |

  2. I prefer storing everything 'behind closed doors', literally. When I display all my stuff it just looks cluttered in my tiny apartment. But if you have the room for it, why not.

  3. Rena Blank19:55

    I use one for my lipsticks and it makes grabbing for lipsticks so much easier! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  4. I really need to get myself some of these!

  5. It definitely does! I get a bit stuck in a rut if I can't see all the options. xo

  6. Thanks! It's only organised 'cause I've only just done it ;) xo


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