Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Summer Make Up Sorted

Until recently my only experience with Liz Earle has been their skincare, and their wonderful make-up range completely passed me by. Summer says to me nothing but peaches and corals, so I gladly added a couple more items to my already pretty extensive collection, a cream blush and a beautiful lipstick, both perfect for the warmer months.

My favourite of the two is probably the Healthy Glow Cream Blush* in Coral. Sadly the above picture does this no justice, this stuff is seriously pigmented! I learnt this the hard way unfortunately and ended up doing a lot of blending and popping some powder on top so I didn't look like Aunt Sally. I love that it's a true coral, most of these shades lean more towards the peachier side, but this is a gorgeous deep shade. I applied this at around 7.30am, and by the end of the afternoon whilst it had faded slightly, I still had a really pretty sheen of colour on my cheeks, making it probably one of the most long lasting blushes I own. I've got my eye on some of the other colours in the range now!

A pretty good match, but not too samey that it looks a little silly, is the Signature Lip Colour* in Melon. This is such a pretty wearable colour that's quite sheer, so makes a perfect everyday lip colour. It's very moisturising and feels very soft on the lips, with vitamin e and shea butter in the formula. Being quite light and sheer, it isn't the most long lasting, but re-application is easy and you'll want to always have this in your handbag, it's so pretty!

I have to say my first experience with Liz Earle make-up has been so successful, I absolutely love both the products. They're such fantastic quality and the colours are just me, I can see these getting used a lot this summer!

Have you tried any make-up from Liz Earle?

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