Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bumble & Bumble Quenching Shampoo and Masque

I'm having a bit of a thing for Bumble and Bumble at the moment. Whilst I haven't tried much (just the Thickening Hairspray and Deeep masque at the moment), I absolutely love everything I've tried and they're both a large part of my haircare routine. I'm always looking for ways to help with how dry and frizzy my natural hair is, so tried out the Quenching range to see if that could be of any help.

Naturally, I tried the Quenching Shampoo* first; I'm an avid hair straightener, and although I usually leave it to dry naturally I still get incredibly dry and split ends from the heat, so this shampoo is definitely aimed at people like me. I only used a little bit as the bottles are quite pricey, but a little went a really long way and is lathered up really nicely. It has a lovely scent too, nothing too obvious or overbearing but leaves your hair smelling gorgeous.

After rinsing I popped on the Quenching Masque*, which it says to leave for 10 minutes, so it's only really a once a week treat. Application was actually a little difficult, my hair is quite long nowadays so ends up quite tangly after shampooing, so I think I'll get the conditioner too which will make it a little easier. Like the Deeep Masque, I found this not the most pleasant to work through and leave on, but boy does it produce good results. After leaving on for 10-15 minutes I washed it out and noticed immediate results after drying.

Using both of these has improved my hair condition so much; it's no longer frizzy and unmanageable; smooth, silky locks are mine! I don't really need to straighten it so much either as the natural appearance is so much nicer. I saw a couple friends after using these, both of which spent about ten minutes stroking my hair 'cause it was so soft! They are a bit pricey but as a once a week treat they'll last for a few months, and it's definitely worth the price for how much difference they make to your hair. If you're a straightener, bleacher or generally just abuse your hair a little, these are definitely for you!

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  1. these sound great! i am always on the hunt for things that will make hair smooth and silky - will need to look into these xx

  2. Oooh this sounds like what my hair needs! It's not far off waist length now so the knots and split ends can get a bit crazy at times.

  3. This sounds good! I have to try some B&B hair products! Xo, Alexandra
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  4. These sound heavenly for dry locks! I want to try the Deep treatment, which seems more suitable!

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