Saturday, 8 March 2014

Weekend Wishlist #3

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01. I've had my eye on this Topshop top for a couple weeks now, but I've not bought it yet. I really love the colour and it's a very 'me' top. I'd wear it with jeans, cigarette trousers or a pencil skirt, and it looks perfect for spring.

02. A lot of the MAC MSF's have been popping up on blogs recently, and I absolutely love the look of Lightscapade. It looks like a gorgeous highlighter that would be perfect for my skintone.

03. I don't know why I featured this, but I guess I just love a good bit of kitsch! I definitely don't need anymore make-up/cosmetic bags, but this would be used as a little coin purse in a clutch instead.

04. I know it's really not the time to be buying chunky boots, but these really caught my eye! I've been wearing my Topshop chunky shoes more recently so I'd like to add some boots to the collection! They're from Vagabond who do a really gorgeous selection of shoes.

05. Another product that seems to have been featured so many times on blogs it's now sold out! At least in my shade anyway. I really want to get this for the warmer months; I was a little worried the coverage wouldn't be good enough for me, but my skin is really improving at the moment so it should be fine!

06. This is another little bit I've seen on blogs, that's clearly where I get all my inspiration from! But doesn't this just sound heavenly, sweet almond and macaroon? Goodness me, almost droolworthy.

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  1. The watermelon purse is so cute! I love anything watermelon themed!
    The top is beautiful too - I could definitely see you wearing it :) x

  2. it all looks great, the shoes look amazing! xxx

  3. Hayley10:46

    I love the top and the purse, so cute :)


    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  4. Lets Talk Beauty14:09

    Yes! That Jo Malone Candle smells incredible, I really want it.

  5. I really like the Jo Malone candle too! Sounds amazing! x

  6. Anna Maria16:36

    Love these choice you have hun, I have theses candles and they are gorgeous. xx

    Anna-Maria |

  7. Lightscapade looks SO pretty! Xo

  8. Alexandra Charlotte15:32

    The topshop top looks lovely! I wish their prices were lower though :)

  9. Me too! I'm sure Topshop prices have almost doubled in the past few years.

  10. I haven't even smelled it yet, but I just know it'd be something I'd love! xo

  11. Thanks my dear :) I did actually make a cheeky little purchase a few hours after posting this, hehe. xo


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