Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring Fashion Buys

As much as I profess my love for layers and autumn clothes around the end of summer, it sure it nice to be able to ditch the coats (most of them, anyway!) and pick out a few lighter items. I've treated myself to a few little bits across March, and the charity shops have actually been kind to me recently and I've found a couple cute things from there too.

First up, I have to talk about the Topshop gingham trousers. I uhmmed and ahhed over these babies for all of a few hours, and decided I need to have them in my life. I don't especially love spending £42 on trousers, but I've been after a gingham pair for so long they were necessary. I've just given them their first wash the other day and they've bobbled quite a bit, that's Topshop quality for you! I got a little floral scallop top I featured in my last wishlist too which is really pretty and versatile.

From the charity shops I've hit kimono gold recently and found a couple really lovely ones, my favourite being from the Gok TU range. Both were about £3 or £4 each, and I just really like wearing them over a little vest and jeans for a more relaxed but pretty look. I picked up a nice maxi dress from Next too, the colour is really gorgeous and strangely I don't even have to take it up! To go with that and so much more I couldn't resist the pretty tan sandals from Primark, although I do slightly have to shove my abnormally wide feet in them.

Have you been treating yourself to any Spring bits recently?

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