Friday, 14 March 2014

Getting Spring Ready

I'm not sure if it's the same where you are, but the weather in Bolton has been absolutely beautiful for the past week. I'm still not in my summer dresses, but the opaque tights, scarves and coats have been well and truly ditched. I have noticed though that my skin and other little things need some serious improvement before the lovely weather hopefully sticks around for good, so here's my favourites for getting spring ready.

Starting off with my body, I need to get rid of the rest of that dry skin I'm cursed with throughout winter. Soap and Glory do my favourite body scrubs and I have several I use regularly, but I've been using Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em body buff recently. It has big chunks of sea salt to give your skin a really good exfoliating, and oils so it's left with some moisture too. Like the rest of the S&G products it smells seriously amazing too!

Before my bath I've also been using a body brush; I'm not 100% sure whether this works on me because I'm too lazy to use it all the time, but they're meant to help get rid of cellulite which I will need some help with before the summer dresses come out for good. After all that I've been smothering on my favourite moisturiser, Korres Vanilla and Plum body milk. It has such a pretty scent, and is quite light but still is very moisturising.

My skin has been really improving recently but it needs some more work before I can cut down on how much make-up I'm wearing and opt for lighter bases. As well as my current skincare routine, I've been using a selection of face masks which have been making such a difference, which I wrote about last week. The latest is the Antipodies Manuka Honey mask, which is honestly one of the best masks I've ever tried. After just one use my skin looked so brighter, and all my blemishes and redness were calmed. It's really nice to use too, it has a light sweet scent and tingles a little when on, but I actually quite like the sensation!

I hate using so much heat on my hair when the weather is warmer, so it really needs to be in tip top condition for spring so I don't always have to crack out the hairdryer and straighteners. I've been using a selection of masks recently, and my favourite for a few times a week is the Kerasilk Ultra Rich Keratin Care mask. It leaves my hair completely frizz free, really silky and smooth without weighing it down at all. My hair becomes really unmanagable when it's warmer so I know I'll be reaching for this a lot. 

What are your favourite products for getting Spring ready?

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  1. i really should start getting myself sorted for spring, i think i need to start tanning my incredibly pale legs! xx

  2. Lovely favourites...I also use a body exfoliating brush before showering sometimes, and it really makes a difference :) I'm loving Ro's Argan body conditioner at the mo. Might have to try out that face mask, as it sounds lovely! Danielle x

  3. I am sooo ready for spring! Exfoliating brushes make such a huge difference if used properly :) The mask sounds quite intriguing too!


  4. I tried to make my own lip scrub but nothing beats the Lush ones!

    Roxanne xo | Like Laces

  5. Love love love the Lush Lip Scrubs... they're so lovely, especially bubblegum <3 xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Beautiful tulips! Don't you just love spring? :) I really would love to try the Soap and Glory scrub, i've never owned any of their products. Also, Korres products are the best! I am obsessed with their primer and their lip balms. I never even knew they made a body milk though, looks lovely.

    Mia PlushLuxe

  7. I've been wanting to try Soap & Glory products for the longest time but they are sooo expensive here.

  8. Zazie Bibi03:14

    The Antipodes mask sounds lovely! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  9. Lets Talk Beauty21:43

    I am so ready for Spring. I want to try the LUSH popcorn lip scrub.

  10. Lovely favourites! I love Korres and Lush!


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