Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ciate Dolls House

Ciate are up there with my favourite nail polish brands; the formula's are always fantastic, I love every single colour I've tried, and of course I can't not mention the beautiful packaging too. So I was incredibly eager to try their new Dolls House collection, a set of five pretty pastel shades perfect for spring.

The set comes in the cutest little box, designed as a home complete with a front door and everything. There are five shades; Dollface (the light nude), Paperdoll (the white), Poppet (the pretty lilac), Sweet Pea (the light mint), and Baby Doll (the peach). My favourite, as expected, is the peach shade, but the mint green and lilac shades are both beautiful too. I don't get along too well with the lighter shades, the nude is just a bit too brown-toned for me, and I'm just not a bit fan of white nails either.

The polishes are part of Ciate's porcelain polish line, which is a matte formula that dries incredibly quickly to give the 'porcelain' finish. I've never been one for anything but a super glossy manicure before, but with the darker shades it works well. I found that with the nude and white colours it really showed up every little flaw on my nail, and I could tell my nails actually needed a really good buff, they looked so stripey! I like the versatility of these though, and paired with a top coat they look gorgeously glossy. I'd say they last 2-3 with just a slight bit of chipping, which isn't fantastic, but I'm always changing my polishes anyway so it doesn't matter too much to me.

The set costs £18 which is great for 5 mini polishes, especially when I've only ever finished one full sized nail polish anyway (which fyi was Ciate's My Fair Lady!). I've got my pastel spring nails sorted now, in matte and glossy form!

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