Saturday, 22 February 2014


It was only back in October when primers played absolutely no part in my beauty regime, until a make-up artist gave me a good kick up the bum. I bought Clarins Instant Smooth and immediately noticed the difference in quite a few ways. I never would have even considered using more than one until reading a great post by Kate of Ghostparties (aka, my gospel) and discovered a beautiful little duo working wonders for my make-up.

I start off after moisturising using the latest addition, Becca Radiance Primer. It's a light, yellow toned primer that has some shimmer in that is visible when straight from the tube. This worried me a little bit, but it blends really nicely into the skin leaving a dewy and glowing finish. It's water based and silicone free, and a little really does go a very long way with this.

After that, I apply the Clarins Instant Smooth, mostly onto my t-zone and other oilier areas. I focus mostly around my chin as that's where my blemish problem area is, and oil seems to produce about 5 times faster here! I was a little worried that using two primers together might result in a 'heavy' feeling on my face, but it all sinks in wonderfully. Since I've started using both I find myself needing a lot less foundation and concealer, as these both reduce redness, scarring and dark circles. I used to always need a powder top up half way through the day, but my make-up does not budge until it's time to get washed off. It's a beautiful relationship.

Have you tried either of these? What's your favourite primer?

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  1. I'm dying to try this Clarins primer!
    Gold Dust

    1. You should definitely try it, it's well worth the money! xo

  2. aww wow i didn't know Clarins had a primer i must go and try this. Thanks hun xx

    Anna-Maria |

  3. The Clarins primer has been on my wishlist for yeeeaaars, almost bought it the other day but managed to talk myself out of it! At the moment I'm using a Vita Liberata highlighter with Benefit Porefessional over the top and it works really well! x

  4. I've been wanting to try Becca make up for ages, especially their ever matte poreless primer. It's so pricey though but I may have to splurge!

    1. Have you seen them on Fragrance Direct? That's where I got the primer, although I'm not 100% sure if there's much left on there now. It was about £5.99 down from around £30, so much more affordable!

  5. oo may have to give this Clarins primer a go. Thank you!


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