Sunday, 5 January 2014


It's easy to get the 'January Blues' after the festive season is over. Christmas is 11 and a half months away, most people are back to work tomorrow and we've got another three months of Winter left! But this year I'm focusing on the positives, and the things I'm looking forward to each month!

01. Enthusiasm over resolutions. I jump straight into my resolutions at the start of January, and then begin to feel a little bored around mid February. I'm trying to make the most of this time and really get myself into a routine. I'm fully back on with being a healthy vegan, and I'm trying to work the most I can so it all becomes normal life when I start to feel a little resentful of it all!

02. A clearer, tidier home. I took my Christmas decorations down this week but was so sad, and my house looks pretty empty now! However, it meant I could give it a good clean and now it looks so open and bigger! It's been given a good spring clean and looks pretty.

03. Kane's birthday & anniversary. January brings a lot of birthdays and celebrations for me, which ruins my bank balance but means it's a lot of seeing family, parties and going out! It's Kane's birthday on the 9th, our anniversary on the 15th, my brother's birthday on the 17th and my Mum's on the 22nd, so I'm looking forward to celebrating with them and buying lots of presents!

04. Seeing work paying off. Something that has been making me happy over the past couple weeks is seeing my blog numbers rise everyday! I've been blogging more often and everyday I'm getting more views, more followers and more comments off lovely people. It really is encouraging to keep up with my blog feeling like people do like it, and hopefully I can hit all my targets for the next year.

What are you looking forward to this January?

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  1. This sounds like a great way to start off January! I'm definitely with you on the clean and tidy home thing, really need to give my flat a proper sorting out (and it'll be a good excuse to buy some new homeware bits and bobs!). Hope you had a great New Year lady x

  2. Such a great mentality to have in January. I've dedicated this whole weekend to 'New Year Cleaning' and having a bit of a clear out and I find my head feels clearer too. I'm also on a spending ban so that when it gets to February, I can treat myself and feel good about it :) Have a great New Year! x

  3. So glad you're having a lovely and positive start to the new year! <3 <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. A seriously lovely start to the new year! I kind of hate and love taking decorations down, although it feel like the end of an exciting time, it does make my house suddenly seem more tidy. :) x

  5. I love your happy list! I keep up my fairy lights, it stops me feeling sad when the decorations come down, and brings light during those grey January days. :)

    1. Of course, the fairy lights are a necessity all year round! xo

  6. A positive outlook is a great way to start the year :) I'm looking forward to a day in London this January x

  7. This is a great way to sort of refocus away from the January blues! I think focusing on resolutions and just keeping an optimistic outlook is a wonderful way to get excited for January and the whole of 2014!
    Lovely Notions

  8. For me, one reason to love January is that it is just that much closer to spring! :) I took my tree down last night with my boyfriend and we were so sad. After that we cleaned our home, and it looks amazing. It is definitely nice to start 2014 with a tidy and organized house.
    xo Mia

  9. Great points - it's always good to look on the bright side :) x


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