Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I don't know if it's just me, but a few times a year I find all my favourite products running out at the same time. I'm in desperate need of a new serum (I've been reducing mine to just half a pump a day), and although I have the Dove repair spray, it just isn't the same as my beloved.

First up that's been recently repurchased is the Hand Maid cleansing gel. I've been obsessed with antibacterial hand gel since a few years ago when I used to work in a shop where the customers weren't exactly the cleanest, and I always find myself getting colds and little sniffles so I figured something like this might be beneficial. It also has a really lovely scent, so I do find myself just using it around the house too.

One of the few lip balms I've actually ever used up fully is the Body Shop Mango lip butter. It's probably one of my all time favourites, it sinks into the lips so nicely, is quite thick and is so hydrating. I've found myself with slightly chapped lips recently thanks to the cold weather, and this is always my most reached for.

Now onto the things I'm sadly running low on. The REN ClearCalm 3 night serum has been securely on my bedside table for several months now, and I use it pretty religiously. It pairs up so well with the Botanics oil I use, and seems to really calm down any blemishes, reducing redness and size. I also love Enzymion moisturiser from Lush, it's not too heavy and helps to reduce oil production over the course of the day. I've not found a moisturiser more suited for my oily skin yet.

Lastly is the Dove Nourishing Oil Conditioning spray. I've found since growing my hair long it is ridiculously tangly, so this helps immediately after washing to reduce any knots, as well as smoothing down all the frizz I'm also cursed with. It also smells glorious, so I'd use it anyway even if it didn't do anything, haha.

Have you tried any of these? What's on your repurchase list?

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  1. These products look gorgeous! Especially the mango lip butter. I'm using Burt's Bees and it's probably the first time I'll finish a lip balm, I'm going through it so quick! Might try the lip butter next, thanks for this lovely post :)

    Yasmeen x

  2. I use that mango lip balm too! How lovely does it smell, I love the body butter too!
    Just found your blog, I really like it! Some great content. X

  3. I love the Enzymion moisturiser and I can't live without the Soap & Glory Hand Gel too as I work in a shop
    : ]

  4. Elizabeth 8 hour cream has been on my repurchase list for as long as i can remember.. loveee the stuff! :) xxx

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  5. Dove hair products are so good! There shampoos and deep conditioners are just amazing xx

  6. TBS lip butters are the best, but I've never finished one... yet! ;)

  7. Ooh I'd really love to try the REN serum, sounds lovely. Do you mix it with your facial oil, or apply it before the oil? I can never decide which way is best!

    Charlotte Breony xx

  8. I'm such a massive S&G Hand Maid fan - it smells amazing doesn't it?! I love how it's not too drying too! xx

    Gem //


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