Saturday, 2 November 2013


If you've recently been on a European holiday with only hand luggage allowed, you'll understand the dilemma I was in before going to Amsterdam. With the liquids allowance I was really only able to take my basics; a foundation, two concealers, mascara.. you get the jist. As nice as it was to not have to worry about sticking to my usual beauty regime, my body is definitely seeing the difference now I'm home!

Starting off I had to get some body lotion on my pins, pronto! I suffer with pretty horrible dry, scaly legs during the colder months, so they really missed having a bit of cream slapped on them. The Body Shop body butter is an old favourite of mine and it always delivers the goods. It does take a while to sink in but the results are worth it if you've got some time to wait. I stupidly forgot a lip balm too, so my lips needed a good moisturisation; the korres pomegranate lip butter not only soothes any dry areas, but gives such a pretty sheer pink colour to the lips.

Despite having oily skin, the colder months mean I end up with a few dry areas, which really weren't helped at all by the incredible wind over in Amsterdam. I chose to take my trusty REN serum with me so didn't have any room for my Botanics facial oil which helps to lock in a bit of moisture when it's needed, so I applied a good, thick layer of this before bed last night. My hair is also feeling a bit dry from a lack of any treatments for almost a week, so I'll be off for a good bath later on and using my two current favourite hair products at the moment to restore my hair to it's former glory! 

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  1. I need to get my paws on some good hair treatments as I never use them, ever! Now that I'm back bleaching and highlighting it's going to be essential though so I'll be giving the Dove spray a go :)

  2. I need to try the shea body butter from The Body Shop :) I've nearly ran out of my Dove spray, it's lovely isn't it.
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  3. The Body Shop shea products smell AMAZING x

  4. Packing makeup/toiletries for trips really is the worst… having to put little amounts of them in allowed bottle sizes is always tough for me haha. I've been wanting to try a Korres lip butter for the longest time; hopefully one of these days I'll splurge on myself :)


  5. love body shop´s body butters!

  6. Just bought a Korres lip butter... or two ;). Can't wait to see what all the fuss is about!

  7. That lip butter is on my wish list!

  8. I love the clarins lotus oil but think the botanic s would be a good budget dupe. I also really like that leave in conditioner by dove too :) xxx

  9. I love Korres lip butters, my rose one is so nearly finished :(

    Sophierosehearts x

  10. Oh I love both The Body Shop butter and all the Dove styling products. You sure know how to pick them, love!


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