Wednesday, 6 November 2013


It's been ages since my last post of 'the happy list', probably because I need less of a reminder of the things putting a smile on my face these days, I am a happy chap! That said, I loved the feature so I'll be doing a remake of it, looking forward to the months ahead and reasons to love it.

01. Seasonal hot drinks. These are not as readily available to me now that I'm vegan, but I have tried the new toffee nut caramella from Costa and it is heavenly!

02. Leaves. Since we were young, people just seem to have a thing for leaves, unless they're the big sloppy piles of them that are around Bolton at the moment filling me with dread at the prospect of falling on my bum! November will surely bring in even colder weather, transforming the leaves into the crisp, crunchy ones we love.

03. The build up to Christmas. Last year I got into this far too early, and ended up putting my decorations up half way through November! I don't think I'll get that ahead of myself this year, but being in my new home I'm really excited to get a huge tree and decorate the place properly.

04. Jumpers, scarves and gloves. Sweater weather, is better weather.

05. Christmas shopping. I love finding gifts for people, and it's always the perfect excuse for something for you to 'accidentally' slip into your basket. Plus I have a little niece who's first Christmas it will be so I know Kane and I will be spoiling her.

What are you looking forward to this November?

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  1. I love all the things on this list! :) Had my first starbucks 'red cup' of the season the other day - eggnog latter, mmmm.
    I am far too excited for Christmas! I'm in total agreement about buying a gift for yourself when shopping for others, haha. It's totally allowed! I have a little nephew who will be having his first Christmas too, so I'm super excited to spend the day with him! Already bought him lots. <3 xx

  2. I'm really enjoying Christmas shopping this year - going a bit mad in Boots. Such lovely things!

  3. Seasonal hot drinks are the best, although I definitely end up drinking far too many! Oops!

    Jennie xo |

  4. How have I only just stumbled across your beautiful blog? Your list is pretty much everything that I look forward to - also the ability to drink copious mugs of tea in a day without fear of being judged xx

  5. I love posts like this! I'm so excited about Christmas too xxx

  6. I'm looking forward to all of the above. Can't wait to actually have my own tree this year. Where I'll put it, I don't know but I'll find somewhere. :) Hope you enjoy your happy list x

  7. Great list, I couldn't agree more, although November is going to be pretty hectic for me so I don't know how much I'll enjoy it actually.

    Have a great weekend,
    Mary x


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