Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Life lately #5

new pyrex | china | my ace new £12 1950s planter | off charity shopping | new business cards | records in bed | wedding dress | newly designed website | cute vintage shop in Lancaster | new records | charity shop finds | food festival buys | making mums place cards | the finished product (four hours later!) | wedding cake | new delivery of 'mom' jeans | weekend at the barn | my love | froyo with mum | new dressing table pieces | new 1950s games for the shop | kitchen shelves | vintage village | vegan smoothie | new necklace | little mia crawling | new A/W stock | pricing bags for a fair

Well, it has been a long time! It wasn't so intentional, my month long break from blogging, I suppose I just got busy with working and slightly forgot about my other little site! It's been a pretty busy month; I've been concentrating a lot on trying to make my website more of a success as most of my sales come from ebay at the moment (which brings along huge fees with it!) So I redesigned my website again, and I'm finally really happy with it now. I've also been buying lots of A/W stock including all the usual 50s & 60s clothes, but also branched out and bought lots of 'mom' jeans! I'm off to a student fair in Leeds on the 27th so I know they'll be popular there.

Other than that, my Mum got married! It was a really lovely day, aside from the sweltering heat, but I know she loved every minute. I also went off to a barn with a big group friends for a weekend which was ace, and I've been busy doing fairs the past couple of weekends. I've got one this weekend in Preston at 53 degrees too, and hopefully soon I'll be finally moving house and planning a little trip to Amsterdam for my birthday. So I'm still going to be a busy lady but I'll be trying my best to blog more often. I get a little unsure of my blog from time to time and lose a lot of inspiration, so I think a good brainstorm is in need to get my 'blogging mojo' back!

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  1. sounds like you've been super busy with work, fingers crossed the new website design helps things take off even more! xx

  2. So glad to see you back, you're blog is one of my favourites :) Your sunglasses are so nice. You and your mum look so alike!
    Water Painted Dreams

  3. cute sunglasses! Those flowers are gorgeous x



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