Monday, 5 August 2013

The Happy list #3

01. This little lady, my Bella. I had a spot of bother with her recently; another woman on the street began feeding her and paying her lots of attention, so if when we were out and Bella wanted to come in, she ran inside her house.. It got to the point that she'd be gone for up to 4 days and we'd have to go round looking for her. The other lady didn't see the issue, but obviously I felt like I was loosing my cat, who I'd had since she was about 4 months old. I kept her in for a while and showered her with lots of treats and attention, now she seems to love sitting next to me all day long and barely leaves my side. It's like I've got a whole new cat!

02. Healthy eating. I decided I need to lose weight (again!) last week, so I've been eating nothing but salads, fruit and healthy meals for the past week. It's been surprisingly easy and I've lost 4lb this week. I'm looking forward to some of my old clothes fitting again!

03. My Mum's getting married! Yep, at the grand ol' age of 53 (sorry mum!) she's finally met her match and is marrying a wonderful man. I'm incredibly close to my mum and I've always worried about her getting older and the possibility of being alone, but more than that it just makes me happy to see her happy. I'm looking forward to seeing her walk down the aisle in a few weeks.

04. Getting little cards off readers. The lovely Kelli from Fog & Forest sent me this to say thank you for featuring her in one of my posts. The handmade card was such a lovely touch!

05. New notebooks. If you saw my recent post, you'll know four new notebooks came to me last week! They're making me happy filling their pretty pages with lists.

06. Appreciating the little things. I'm trying to focus on the smaller things on life if something else is upsetting me. Anything from a mid week Sunday roast or a nice tidy house is putting a smile on my face.

07. This cute bar & cruet set I thrifted this week, I can't help but smile at their little faces!

08. Wearing sandals! It's currently throwing it down outside, but it actually stopped long enough for me to step out in two new pairs of sandals. What's been making you happy recently?

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  1. Aw your bar & cruet set is adorable! Such a lovely addition to the house. So lovely to hear about your cat as well, glad you feel much better about the situation. x

  2. how many nice things! glad that bella came back, sometimes my dog does that too and I get ultra worried :( and congrats on losing weight and to your mother :)

    isabela – x

  3. Bella looks so much like my cat, Charlie!

  4. Aw, so glad you got the card! We are currently housing a little black cat that looks just like your Bella. Glad you got her back :).

  5. This is happening with my cat too :(! I might try what you've done and hope for the best! Congratulations to your mumma too :) xx

  6. I love healthy eating, notebooks, and my sweet little kitty, too!

    Xo, Hannah


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