Sunday, 11 August 2013

Life lately #4

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Currently listening to: A lot of the same old stuff, really! I found a new Fleetwood Mac vinyl, and I've been listening to the Paul Simon vinyl I picked up last month.

Currently reading: sadly nothing at the moment except magazines! I bought Elle for the first time in at least a couple of years and was really pleasantly surprised! I found all the articles really interesting and thought provoking, although not too keen on the fashion (focusing on this grungey rubbish trend that's going on at the moment).

Current favourite blog: I've been getting back into reading a lot of beauty blogs recently. From Roses is one I discovered a month or so again that is just beautiful, really lovely images. I've also become obsessed with checking Nouvelle Daily everyday too; i love the new articles they're throwing into the beauty mix, little bits on health and crafts too.

Current favourite product: I really love the new L'Oreal Ever Creme  S&C that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I've also been pretty stuck to the L'Oreal Glamshine Stain Splash in Princess, it's just so easy to apply and longlasting.

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  1. Gorgeous photos and I adore those shoes! xx

  2. I really like reading Elle, I find that it's the most interesting fashion magazine when it comes to its articles :)

    Isabela |

  3. such a great insta choice dear


  4. nice to have a peek of your life! following you on instagram right now

    The Young Bridget Jones


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