Saturday, 3 August 2013

August wishlist

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01. If you've been around here for a while you'll know I am a huge lover of sunglasses. I've spotted these on a few people's instagram's recently, and you wouldn't ever guess, they're from Primark! At just £2 a pop they're a great excuse to add another pair to my collection. Just keeping my fingers crossed they still have them in stock!

02. I spotted an owl tart burner on Abby's blog and really fell in love with it. I love to buy tarts to try out new scents, and they're a great cheaper alternative to the candles. Definitely going to purchase this ebay one very soon.

03. I've been loving succulents at the moment, so I absolutely love these amazing handpainted wooden holders! They come in all sorts of different colours and are great for adding colour to a room.

04. In my latest Boots order I bought a couple of the Superfacialist masks and I've been really impressed with both. I've seen nothing but rave reviews about this pre-cleanse oil and I'd love to add it to my skincare routine. I never used to be a fan of rose scented anything, but I've been trying a lot of skincare with it in recently and I love it all.

05. Of course, I need some new tarts to go in a burner! My tumbler of summer scoop has recently burnt all the way to the bottom, so I need to get my hands on that! As well as that I really want to try a couple scents I haven't had before. Honey Blossom sounds like it would be so nice and delicate, and I love anything pineapple too.

06. I just spotted this Topshop bag online today, and although I know it probably won't be something I'd buy, it is very cute all the same!

07. The sun is out again but it has been pouring down this week up north, leaving me with very soggy feet in my ballet flats. I don't really have any flat ankle boots I'd be comfortable wearing on an everyday basis, but Betty London have a great selection.

08. I mentioned recently I've not shopped in Lush for a very long time, and I'm definitely missing it. I miss my baths, face masks, bombs and ballistics. There's a few new items on the website, and one of the things that really caught my eye is the Ne Worry Pas ballistic. I really like how it's made using soya milk and violets.

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  1. The wooden holders and bag are amazing! Gorgeous wishlist. xx

  2. Those sunnies are amazing!

    Emma x

  3. Love the topshop bag, so cute, loving the kind of laser cut out print! x

  4. So cute, I love those booties!

  5. want the sunglasses! would never have thought that they were from primark! x

  6. Really love those sunglasses!!



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