Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Happy list #1

I've not had the best day today, or really, week. I don't like to go into it too much on this here blog, but I feel like I'm being tested a lot recently. I've said it before, but things seem to be on the up just for everything to come crashing back down again. So! I've been thinking of putting together a "feel good" mini series, just for the sorts of days like today when all you want to do is sleep and eat (which is, coincidentally, what I did when I finished working at 3). We all need a little reminder of things that make us happy sometimes.

01. Flowers. It's incredibly simple how better I feel with pretty flowers dotted around my home. I like to buy a big bunch from morrisons or the market and split them up into small vases, bottles and jars. These roses are on their way out so I'll be having to buy more soon. I usually opt for tulips but roses have been a nice little change recently.

02. Fresh grapes and strawberries straight from the fridge. Perfect on warmer days.

03. Car boots. Car boot season is back in full swing, but I haven't actually got to any other than my usual which is on all year round anyway! My Mum has been to plenty though and picked up so much good stuff, most of which you can find in my newly restocked ebay store! I'm so close to 200 listings now, which was one of my goals for this year.

04. Sunglasses. It seems a little strange to some but I love my big collection of sunglasses. I have about 20 pairs now, which definitely seems weird to my mum, who thinks you only need one! But I just really love the look of them, and there's some pairs I know I'd never part with (like the striped 1950s cat eye pair). I picked up a couple new pairs this week, the pair at the back from H&M and the pair at the front, also from H&M but found in a charity shop for £1.99.

05. Summer weather. This really goes hand in hand with #4, it's just so nice to be able to pop on a similar dress or cute top and skirt and feel comfortable, not bloomin' freezing! I've not had the chance to go for a soak in the sun yet as both Kane and I have been busy working, and our first day off today it rained! But hopefully it will be nice tomorrow so we can go for a picnic in the park.

07. Trips away with friends. I've not been on a proper holiday since I was 16, so little weekends away which only cost £20 with a big group of friends are lovely at the moment. Last year we went to Conwy, we've recently been to the Lakes and we're off somewhere else at the end of August. We're also planning trying to hire out a 40 person barn for NYE, which would be amazing!

08. New episodes of Arrested Development.

What's been making you happy recently?

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  1. Beautiful collection, I especially love the little deer, he's adorable!!!

  2. I really love getting new flowers for the house, they always cheer me up!

  3. I love having fresh flowers in my flat too, always puts a little smile on my face. I've been loving the new episodes of Arrested Development too, managed to watch them all in about 3 days - I need more!!
    Hope you're doing okay lovely :) x

  4. Sorry to hear things aren't going so well lately Catherine; hopefully they'll turn around soon :)


  5. That clock reminds me of the evil eye, pretty cool!

    Check out my Ebay store, a work in progress: http://myworld.ebay.com/otherpeoplestrash


  6. If you’re ever down south, near Berkshire, Surrey or Hampshire I can recommend some awesome car boots, finding bargains always makes me happy : )

  7. Aww this post makes me really happy! :)
    Carboots are literally my favourite thing ever, and I'm gonna go check out your eBay store now!


  8. Wow, those sunnies are so nice!
    I have quite a collection myself, they're always handy!

    Love, Liese

  9. Which carboots do you recommend? x


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