Friday, 21 June 2013

Nightwear as Daywear; Do or Don't?

There's something about pyjamas right now that the fashion world is craving. Nightwear is so big that everyone from Rihanna to Stella McCartney are even using it as inspiration for the clothes that they wear on the red carpet and at fashion events;– turning what is usually something that you kick back in after a long day, into a bold fashion statement. But no, that doesn't mean that they’re stepping out in their nighties! Instead they are wearing luxurious light blue silk blouses with soft patterned jeans. If the thought of facing the rain and wind that we've been subjected to these past couple of months fills you with horror, there are plenty of places online where you can buy ladies pyjamas today. 

Just so you know where to start and don’t cross the line between sweet and effortless to scruffy and lazy, here we take a look at the latest trend and show you how to pull off the look without looking like you've just crawled out of bed.

It might be nearing summer, but let’s be honest, this weather is awful and there’s nothing more comforting after a hard day’s work than coming home and snuggling up in a brand new onesie. Onesies are everywhere and are a necessity for any pyjama draw. As comfy as they are and as tempting as it may be, make sure you don’t make the ultimate faux-pas by nipping to the shops in them.

They can come in a range of styles. Before you buy one it’s worth asking yourself whether you want a hood to stay extra snug. Do you want feet attached or would you prefer to be able to keep your feet cool and wiggle your toes? There's also plenty of patterns to think about, such as striped, polka dot or even animal styles including tigers or penguins.

But how would you wear one outdoors? Well, let's be honest. As adorable as they are, even fashion's biggest names would struggle to pull them off on the catwalk - so take your shoes off and go back upstairs and change!
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The trick to pulling off nightwear when out and about is by mixing it with the right accessories. For example, if you're going to wear pyjama inspired trousers - it's particularly clever to slip on a smart blouse and jacket to show that you haven't just crawled straight out of bed. 

Sleek suits can look fantastic with a pair of heels, jewellery and a clutch. If the outfit is a little baggy, try a belt to see if it helps to add a little definition to your figure. Try tucking a long sleeved pyjama top with a collar and buttons down the front into denim shorts and throw on a pair of boots for a look that screams country cow girl. 

What do you think of this trend; would you give it a go? I say, if it's good enough for Alexa!

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*This guest post was brought to you in collaboration with Matalan.


  1. I've got a pyjama suit (shirt and shorts) and I love it! I've worn it together with a cardi and people think it's a playsuit, or I've worn the items seperately. The one I've got is particularly a loud pattern, but I love it! I love the trend. Haven't seen many people out and about wearing it tho! xx

  2. Hey,
    I'm not quit sure about this. Maybe If you combinate it right and don't wear pants and shirt with same patterns. :)

  3. I think I'm too nervous to wear the pajama trend outdoors, but some people can pull it off perfectly! I think I'll stick to wearing my snuggy PJ bottoms on lazy days on the sofa :D
    emmerliejay x

  4. I absolutely love silky trousers and would wear the paisley pair that Alexa Chung is wearing above! :)
    I'm going to attempt to make myself some over Summer!


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