Thursday, 6 June 2013

New bits & pieces

a new (to me) asos dress - £6.99
yankee candles - gift from mama
1970s cushion - £1.99
a new makeshift display on an old, broken heater
tie-waist cropped blouse: 2.99

Since I had the big switch around of my bedroom last week, I thought now would be the perfect time to show you a few changes, as well as a couple of my latest charity shop finds. I haven't found enough to make a whole post out of it, but I love the few bits I have picked up. I'm off on a night out in Manchester soon so I thought this asos dress from the charity shop (still with the tags on!) would be perfect; it's not like anything else I own and I feel very pretty in it! I also picked up this cropped blouse which is just me down to a tee, and I haven't stopped wearing it all week. I couldn't resist keeping this cute retro cushion for my bed, either.

Other than that, my room has a whole new look now. The heater used to be behind my clothes rail so completely out of view, but now it's on my side of the bed, so I knew something had to be done! I covered in with a vintage scarf and some pictures which wouldn't fit where they used to be anymore. I've been burning my Yankee Candles like crazy too after Mum bought me a set of three. I have five dotted around the house now!

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  1. That asos dress is gorgeous, and i need me some yankee candles! x

  2. Cute post! I love that blouse!

    Emma x

  3. Great buys - I really want to try YC pink sands :) x

  4. You'll look gorgeous in that dress Catherine!

  5. I love finding things like that new ASOS dress in charity shops! I bet that was about £35 or so originally! xx

    Love the cropped blouse too!

    Bright and Dandy

  6. The cushion is gorgeous x

  7. Pink Sands is gorgeous! I love it. I love your 'make do and mend' print too. xx

  8. Adore the cropped blouse, so nice!

  9. Oh my, the polka dot cropped blouse is so pretty! That'll look so lovely paired with a midi skirt this summer. (: Thanks for the comment on my blog today sweet! xx


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