Saturday, 29 June 2013

A new home wishlist.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

01. I'm getting way ahead of myself considering I haven't even secured the new house we're hoping to rent, but I couldn't resist making notes on how I want each room to look and making a little wishlist. In my last home everything is very bright, floral and retro, but I'm hoping for a more minimalistic look to the new place. My current chopping boards are an old floral tray and a pink cupcake glass one, obviously which don't go together at all. I want to get this simple wooden heart one, can't believe it's only £4 from Wilko's!

02. I want to get rid of some of my cushions (again, lots of bright colours and flowers) and mix in a few simpler designs in the mix. I really want an old round one but they seem to be pretty hard to come across, I've not found one on my travels yet!

03. The new place has a dining room and smaller living room, so I really want my sideboard with the tv on, sofas and a new coffee table. I'm after an old one with two sections to put magazines, flowers and candles on. One like this would be perfect, but without the £100 pricetag!

04. I saw a picture on Pinterest of a kitchen plate display with cooking books in, which I love the idea of! The little hooks at the bottom are handy for tea towels or little cups, too.

05. I know I'm going to go plant crazy in the new place. I want some larger plants, succulents and cacti in pretty much every room to go with my more natural, simplistic style of home. I need to get myself to Ikea 'cause these set of three are perfect!

06. Another Ikea purchase, eeek! Every room has laminate flooring so I'm going to be on a major rug mission. I only have one of my own, and I'd love this little round rug for the living room. The print is so pretty, and it's a great price too.

07. Yep, another cushion. I want a mix of floral, geometric prints and plain colours, so this would be perfect too! I'll probably find some material myself though and make my own.

08. More plants! The new place also has a big back yard, not really with any soil but lots of paving which is perfect for contained plants. This little one is ever so pretty!

09. This is another thing I'll be making myself; the living room doesn't have a mantelpiece, so I can really imagine hanging a cute garland across the fireplace. I love the cute colours of this one.

10. I need some more cups and mugs (I think I have about two I actually like!), and again, Ikea is coming up trumps! I love the design of these and they are so cheap!

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  1. I love the cactus - so cute.

  2. I love that aztec cushion and the rug :)

  3. looove the round rug! and the wonderful cusion! Well.. I actually love everything! ♥

  4. Lovely wishlist. B&M stock a bunch of round cushions, spotted them today :)

  5. The heart shaped chopping board is adorable! You can get ones that look like NICE biscuits x

  6. I love home decorating! I spend more time looking at home decor on Pinterest rather than doing much home decorating.

    Life of Mabel

  7. gotta love the cactus galore!

  8. great wish list! I love the little cacti, the coffee table and the cushion!

  9. I live the side table - it reminds me of my grans old furniture! Xo

  10. So cute, home ware shopping is one of my favourite things to do. I love the plate shelf! <3

    Jennie xo |

  11. I love everything on here! Home shopping is definitely one of my faves, and I'm also in love with that chopping board.. I can't believe how cheap it is!

    Louise x
    The Little Things

  12. So lovely! I like 4 and 10 the best. x


  13. That chopping board is simply adorable. <3 xx

    One hand in my pocket

  14. I love the circular rug and heart chopping board! :)

  15. you will have such a beautiful house! I hope you secure it :)! xx

  16. best of luck with all your wishes, this looks like a pretty cool inspiration drawing board:)


    girl from the third floor


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