Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A day trip to Ramsbottom, part #2

The second part of our little day out included a drive out to Holden Wood Antique Centre in Haslingden. It's in an old converted church which really adds to the feel of the place, and has little units dotted around so there's a really good variation of stock. There was a lot of antiques, but obviously the name suggests that! There were still lots of gorgeous vintage bits hidden amongst them, but sadly a distinct lack of clothes which I missed a bit.

I have a major thing for vintage hair accessories at the moment, so that little box of hair pieces is crying out for me now that I'm home. Mum and I both loved the little monkeys on the glasses too, but we couldn't see a price on them. And as always, the tins drew us in but we didn't take any home.

I debated with myself whether to take these little drawers home for ages! I absolutely loved the peachy colour and design of them, but they're not hugely practical for a hallway and I did already have two pieces already in my hall. Anyway, for £20 I decided they were too good to be true, and I promptly cleaned and cleared the space ready for them. I'm really happy I got them in the end, and my new Mandy doll set goes perfectly on top too! What do you think of my buys?

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  1. This looks like my ideal day out Catherine!

  2. Those drawers are amazing and such a bargain for £20!
    I wish I could find things like that when I go shopping, I never get anything good haha!
    emmerliejay x

  3. I love those drawers so much!
    We have a little monkey like that who hangs out on a hot air balloon in our apartment.

  4. Those drawers are soooo ridiculously beautiful! I love the colour, and Im now determined to find something similar for my own room ... I doubt I'll find anything as nice as this though!

    ... Oh and I just wanted to say that I literally just stumbled upon your blog and I'm already completely in love with it!

  5. That drawer is sooooo cute! Great bargain Ms. Catherine! I love these photos! Sooooo awesome! ^^

  6. So many lovely vintage bits! :)
    Love the drawers!


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